"Snowy Mars" 2017 digital art

Living the second life as visual artist and music composer
After working in the corporate world over six cats' lifetimes, I began to reconnect with the creative environment of my formative years.  With the advent of the digital world,  I'm finding the middle path to incorporate traditional analog art binary processed modern technology.



Solo exhibitions
2017  Burien Comminity Center, Burien, WA 
2017  Nikkei Manor, Seattle, WA
2017  Seattle Japanese Garden
2016  South Bellevue Community Center, Bellevue, WA
2016  Maketplace Factoria, Bellevue, WA

Selected juried group exhibitions
2016  "Small Works" Dendroica Gallery, Seattle, WA
2016  "Anything Goes" Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA
2016  “Community Wanderings”  Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA
2016  “Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human”  Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA
2016  “Call of the Clouds”  Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA 
2016  EAFA invitational, Pacific Regent, Bellevue, WA
2016  “Toy Story”, “Embellish”, “Figuratively Speaking, “Rest, Relax and Recreate”, “Lyrically Speaking” ERA Living art shows in multiple locations

2017 Multimedia e-book "Solar Chill 5" on i-Tunes       *all e-books have original music and artwork
2017 Multimedia e-book "Solar Chill 4" on i-Tunes
2016 Multimedia e-book “Solar Chill 3” on i-Tunes
2016 Multimedia e-book “Solar Chill 2” on i-Tunes
2016 Multimedia e-book “Solar Chill 1” on i-Tunes
2016 Printed publication by City of Bellevue "Bellevue Parks & Open Space System Plan 2016"
2016 Printed exhibition catalogue "The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human"
2015 Music EP “Opacity” on i-Tunes and other digital music providers

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